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Essential Oil Blends, Creams, Sprays and Soaps

A Natural Way of Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit

Welcome to Two Sisters. We are happy you stopped by to check us out. We are here to provide information about essential oils, what their benefits are for continued good health, and their use in our daily lives. In time, we will offer valuable resources and tips to help you stay healthy and balanced.

Enjoy our site!

A Bit About Us

Janine and Linda


Two Sisters Essential Oil Products was founded by sisters, Linda and Janine in 2017. Their goal is to provide 100% all-natural essential oil products for the mind, body and soul. Linda and Janine live in Palm Desert, California, and they love using essential oils, making all-natural products, and helping their customers to live a more healthy and natural way of life.

Two Sisters got started when a strange rash appeared on Linda's body and  she didn’t want to leave her health in the hands of a doctor nor did she want to use over-the-counter medications as she is allergic to so many things. She took to the internet and discovered ways to treat her rash naturally using essential oils. After her rash disappeared, she then started researching just about every book at the local library and read just as many articles on the internet. Linda’s passion with essential oils then ignited a flame in her sister’s heart and from that point on there was no stopping these two sisters from telling everyone about the power of essential oils and how they work with the mind and body to bring balance and well-being to our lives.

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